Sometimes you don’t need a fake doctors note to miss class, you just need your mom´s signature

The idea of regulating student absence at school is due to the fact that schools are supposed to be responsible for students from the moment they get to the bus until they come back to be dropped off at the bus station.

For instance, if you have an accident while you are on the bus stop, it would be your school’s responsibility and your parents are even able to sue in case of serious injuries. I am very fond of learning new things, and for me going to school is very fun. I actually hate missing class and try to avoid it if possible. Even when I feel sick I would rather go to school and spend a couple of hours with the nurse and then go to my favorite classes such as Biology.

In regards to student absence I have seen people in my class paying an insane amount of money for a fake doctors note to be able to miss class. I believe that if you don’t want to go to class you should be honest at least with your parents about it. I have been in the situation where I know people have paid for a doctor´s excuse to miss class and I have to stand them lying to the teacher and acting as if they were still recovering for the awful flu or diarrhea they claimed to have two days ago.

We are clear on the fact that even if someone asks me I will never turn in my classmates, is up to them if they want to miss class. As much as I disagree lying to teachers sometimes you don’t have a choice, as for me I didn’t pay for a doctors fake note, I talked with my mother about how my favorite author was giving a speech in the city library but unfortunately it was in the morning when I was supposed to be at school. As soon as she heard that she wrote a letter to the headmaster saying that she was excusing me for missing class because of family issues that needed to be solved that day. I guess now I am even with my classmates.

Now  I can say that dr excuse note is only for those who want to miss class a lot.  In my experience, I don’t need to spend a lot of money for fake doctor notes just to miss class for a day. Maybe my mom thought that I deserve a day off from school since I don’t absent a lot.

Straight Talk About NonSurgical Facelifts

How to Improve Your Looks without Surgery

There’s a reason that nonsurgical facelifts are all the rage. Depending on the rates of specialists in your area, facelifts can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the risks involved.  Thankfully, modern technology offers us another option—face lifts without surgery—yep, that’s right, no going under the knife! I know it may sound too good to be true, but the before and after pictures speak for themselves.  Although there may be no miracle cure, there are many types of minimally invasive and noninvasive facelift procedures that really do reduce the signs of aging.

Nonsurgical Facelifts Option #1: Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are liquids injected into the skin to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin. There are many different techniques that can result in the appearance of a face lift with dermal fillers alone. In addition to smoothing out wrinkles, these fillers can also make your cheeks and lips look fuller and healthier. Some brand names include Botox, Sculptra, Hylaform, Radiesse, and ArteFill. For more information about these dermal fillers including the cost and risks involved, ask a specialist who is knowledgeable about nonsurgical facelifts using dermal fillers.

Nonsurgical Facelifts Option #2: Laser Face Lift

The laser resurfacing technique may be our favorite option for nonsurgical facelifts.

If the thought of injections is a bit scary to you, a noninvasive laser face lift, also called resurfacing, might be your best option as far as nonsurgical facelifts go. Using this technique, doctors smooth and resurface the outer layer of the skin and help firm the collagen underneath the skin as well.  The only side effects include some reddening and sensitivity of the skin that will likely subside within a day or two. Laser treatments can be applied to the entire face or select portions of the face; the cost of treatment will depend on the size of the area needing work. As with any other nonsurgical facelifts, talk to your doctor or ask a specialist before deciding if it’s right for you.

Nonsurgical Facelifts Option #3: Thermage

Another completely noninvasive nonsurgical facelifts option is called thermage, a facial toning procedure designed to tighten the skin. Using radiofrequency (RF) technology, thermage heats the part of the skin underneath the surface, sometimes referred to as the fat layer, which activates the body’s ability to form new collagen, resulting in firmer, younger-looking skin. Thermage can be applied to many different parts of the body and can get rid of a double chin or restructure a jaw line. On average, thermage is a much more cost-effective option that traditional face lifts with prices ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 dollars. Also, unlike other methods, a single thermage treatment is all that is necessary to achieve the desired results.

With today’s technological advancements, more and more options are becoming available as far as nonsurgical facelifts go. Many of us wish to improve our looks without the enormous cost and dangerous risks involved with plastic surgery. In addition to alternative treatments, there are now do-it-yourself techniques that offer amazing results as well. Thanks to the many options available with nonsurgical facelifts, a limited budget or fear of needles is no longer an excuse—or obstacle—to looking your very best!

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Simple Strategies to Lose Facial Fat Fast

There are many ways to lose facial fat.

If you want to lose facial fat, you’re not alone. Most people think of losing face as a bad thing, but not if you’re trying to get rid of a double chin.  Think about it—your face is the first thing most people see when they look at you, and first impressions are everything. Even if your body is slim, a chubby face can make the difference between whether someone perceives you as thin or chunky. On the other hand, a slender face can make people think you’ve lost ten pounds or more!

Plastic surgery may be an option for those who are willing to dole out the cash or take on the risk, not to mention the months of recovery, but if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to lose facial fat and have no clue where to start, here’s a step-by-step guide to improving both your countenance and your self-esteem…

Lose Facial Fat Now – Some Tips

1.    Exercise your face! The most effective way to lose facial fat fast is by performing some simple exercises designed to tone your face naturally. Whether you suck in your cheeks for five seconds every chance you get to reduce puffiness, apply pressure beneath your cheekbones to tone your face,  or open and close your mouth often at home and at work to eliminate a double chin, facial exercises offer a gadget-free way to get the results you want.  Practice these and other techniques daily and you’ll soon see a new you without the hassles and expense of a facelift!

2.    Eat your fruits and vegetables. Believe it or not, a good nutrition plan can be a formula for facial fitness. We’re not talking diet pills, here. Raw fruits and vegetables are your best bet as they don’t over-burden the liver with preservatives and other food-additives. A healthy diet including minimal amounts of salt and lots of fluids can also reduce water retention, a common culprit for  an overly plump appearance.

3.    Get an ultrasound. Don’t worry—no one’s accusing you of being pregnant! The type of ultrasound recommended for women (and men) looking to lose facial fat is referred to as ultrasound therapy. A nonsurgical, low-risk alternative to sculpting and firming the face, ultrasound therapy is safe, effective, and much less expensive than traditional cosmetic surgery. Ultrasound therapy utilizes very high frequencies to penetrate beneath the skin tissue, causing fat cells to separate from one another, making the face look younger, firmer, and slimmer.

With so many natural alternatives to surgical facelifts available today, there’s no need to go around feeling bad about your chubby cheeks or go under the knife to correct them. With a few simple changes to your lifestyle, you can reduce the appearance of bloated, sagging skin and feel good about putting your best face forward every day.

After all, the face staring back at you in the mirror is, quite literally, a reflection of who you are. Why not make it look fantastic by finding a way to lose facial fat and appear younger and more vibrant?

Get the Most Out of Your Facial Exercise Regimen


Facial muscle exercises can give you a chiseled face.

Looking for facial muscle exercises? If you’re hoping to slow down the signs of aging or lose face fat, then you understand that the face is what makes or breaks the first impression people get from us. The good news is that you don’t need special equipment for facial exercises or a home gym to tone your face, but you do need a very effective face exercise program. Start yours today with these five top facial muscle exercises guaranteed to shape and enhance the face you see in the mirror every day.

Top Five Facial Muscle Exercises

1.    Neck Exercises

Neck exercises get the top spot for facial muscle exercises because this is the area where most people first start to notice the signs of aging, especially women. For many people, their age is a secret that the face and neck begin to slowly reveal, but with the right neck exercises, you can reverse this process. To improve the condition of your muscles in the neck, find a comfortable chair and simply tilt your head back as far as possible without stretching. Hold the contraction for a moment, feeling the tension and resistance, and then return to your normal posture. Strive for 50 repetitions a day to regain a youthful looking neck.

2.    Double Chin Facial Muscle Exercises

No matter how attractive the rest of your features are, a spare chin can ruin your appearance, so if you have one, double chin exercises are priority. To get rid of a double chin, tilt your head down until you feel the muscles stretching in the back of your neck. Hold the contraction for a second or two and then pull your head up and all the way back until you feel some tension in the front of your neck. Hold for a moment and return to a normal posture.

3.    Eye and Brow Facial Muscle Exercises

Eye and brow exercises are important because the eyes are one of the first features people notice. To smooth out crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes and other wrinkles in the skin around the eyes, you need to contract your orbicularis oris, a group of muscles responsible for the opening and closing of the eyelids. To tone this muscle, start with your eyes closed and relaxed, place your index fingers on the side of your head around the temple area, pull back slightly and then blink your eyes rapidly. Strive to do this exercise for ten minutes daily for a wrinkle free forehead and eye area.

4.    Cheek Facial Muscle Exercises

To lose face fat and define your cheekbones, you’ll need to work the muscles in your cheeks. There are several ways to do this, but one of the most effective is to breathe in some air and hold it in your mouth as if you were a puffer fish. Move the air from your left to right cheek, applying as much pressure as you can. Do 50 repetitions.

5.    Jaw Facial Muscle Exercises

To achieve that perfect jawline, you need to contract your platysma, the muscle that opens and closes the mouth. To firm this muscle, open your mouth as wide as possible, hold the pose, and close. Repeat this exercise five times. Now, with your mouth closed, try moving only your lower jaw from left to right. These two facial muscle exercises go hand in hand to tone the jaw and give your profile the definition it desires.

Knowing a little bit about your facial anatomy and which facial muscle exercises are most effective can jumpstart your facial exercise program. These five facial muscle exercises will tone your whole face and get you on your way to improving both your looks and your confidence!

Facial Exercises: Flex Your Face and Look Amazing!

Facial exercises take work --- time and patience, but no heavy lifting

Heard the latest about facial exercises? It might seem too good to be true, but when done correctly, these exercises can make a real difference—one that you can see in the mirror. That’s right—one of the easiest and most natural ways to get a non surgical face lift is to move your muscles, but not the ones you normally think about, the ones in your face! Believe it or not, facial exercises work. Let’s look at the most effective facial exercises for each of your features.

Facial Exercises for the Eyes

If it’s true that the eyes are the windows to the soul, then you want them looking great, right? Facial exercises are your answer to alert, vibrant looking eyes without the eye bags or sagging skin. Although there are many variations, one effective way to exercise the orbicularis muscles that surround your eyes is to blink one repeatedly while the other one is wide open. Do this about 50 times and then switch eyes and do another 50 repetitions.

Facial Exercises for the Chin

Or chins, as it were. By far, the biggest complaint about facial fat is the dreaded double chin. Facial exercises can help you trim the fat sagging from your face without losing weight. Two chins are not better than one, so you better start these facial exercises right away! To get rid of a double chin, you need to exercise the platysma, the muscle that allows you to open and close your mouth. You can strengthen this muscle by making exaggerated opening and closing movements with your mouth and holding the pose momentarily. Keep it up daily, and you’ll see the facial fat melting away.

Facial Exercises for the Cheeks

Have a plump face? Want the high cheek bones you usually only see on actresses? Try some facial exercises that target the contours of your face. One way to do this is to suck in your cheeks until you can feel the insides of your cheeks above your tongue. Hold this pose for ten seconds, relax, and repeat. If you can feel the cheek muscles working, then you’re doing it right. Do this facial exercise daily for best results.

The Lips

Move over Botox, facial exercises are one of the hottest new ways to plump up your lips. To get those pouty lips you see on celebrities without painful and expensive injections, try this facial exercise. Pucker your lips as if you’re about to plant a really big kiss on someone, and hold the pose tightly for five seconds. Now, put two fingers on each side of your face, apply a little pressure, and try to pull your face into a smile while maintaining the pucker. Do ten repetitions daily and you’ll have fuller, more kissable lips in no time.

Facial Exercises for the Neck

Turkey necks are not an attractive feature—no, not even during the holidays. Sagging skin around your neck can make you look much older than you are. To reduce the appearance of turkey neck, keep your head very still and push your lower lip up and forward as far as you can. Feel your chin and neck muscles stretching. Hold for five seconds and then relax. Do at least ten repetitions several times a day. This is one of the more bizarre facial exercises, so you may want to practice it when no one is looking.

Facial exercises certainly aren’t the traditional way to get a face lift, but they sure are more convenient and economical. If you’ve got the willpower to do these facial exercises daily, you’ll be making some dramatic and positive changes to every feature on your face, making you look like you’ve had a facelift without cosmetic surgery.

Find Out Why Facial Exercise Works!

Facial exercise can give you that perfect face.

You’ve heard the gossip and personal testimonies about facial exercise, but wondered if face yoga routines were really worth the effort. Now, there’s no reason to doubt facial exercise thanks to some new scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of these facial exercise techniques. The muscles in your face are no different than any other muscle in your body—if you strengthen them, you will gain definition and lose fat. Here’s the latest on how and why facial exercises really can make you look younger and healthier.

Need Facial Exercise Tips? Check This Out


Facial Exercise 101: What We Know About Muscles

When muscles contract repeatedly, they begin to strengthen. This is true for every muscle in your body, including those in your face. So what works for your abs will work for your cheeks as well! This is why facial exercise is the best non surgical face lift procedure there is.

•    Orbicularis oculi

The orbicularis oculi is the set of muscles surrounding the eyes that control the opening and closing of the eyelids. Exercising these muscles can smooth out crows fee, eliminate sagging skin and bags under eyes, making them look brighter and more vibrant. The orbicularis oculi can be exercised by opening the eyes wide and holding the posture for ten seconds or more, raising the eyebrows, or even using the index fingers to stretch the skin around the temples while blinking the eyes. This facial exercise, when done correctly and regularly can make your eyes look less tired and more alive and attractive.

•    Orbicularis oris

The orbicularis oris is the set of muscles around your mouth and lips that enable you to make specific motions that allow you to form words, pucker, and even pout if you want to. Facial exercise which flexes and contracts these muscles will smooth out fine lines around your mouth and even make your lips look fuller without Botox injections.

•    Platysma

The platysma is the muscle that controls the movement of your jaw, allowing you to open and close your mouth. Face exercise regimens that work this muscle can get rid of general face fat, a double chin, turkey wattle, or sagging jowls. Some common facial exercises that flex the platysma include opening and closing the mouth in an exaggerated fashion, extending and lifting your lower lip, and moving the jaw back and forth repeatedly.

•    Sternomastoid

The sternomastoid muscle is located in the front part of the neck and allows the head to turn from side to side. A facial exercise that targets this muscle can eliminate turkey wattle—the presence of loose and sagging skin on the neck that mark the first signs of aging. To exercise this muscle, bend your head forward keeping your neck still and tight. Hold for a second or two, and then lift your head back up. Do several repetitions of this facial exercise daily for the best results.

What We Know About Skin

Science has proven that when blood circulation increases, new cell growth occurs. This is why contracting the muscles in your face results in smoother, healthier looking skin. As it turns out, the old-fashioned technique of pinching your cheeks to make them appear rosier actually does work if done correctly—and the results aren’t just short-term! Stimulating the dermis can promote the production of collagen and elastin, making your skin look firmer, healthier, and more youthful. A facial exercise regimen can also trigger the oil glands in your skin to produce natural oils, giving your skin a healthy and radiant glow.
So, it’s true, you don’t have to lose weight to make your face look slimmer and more attractive, nor do you have to have cosmetic surgery or painful injections to have a younger looking face. Now that science has proven its effectiveness, you have no reason not to include at least one facial exercise in your busy day.

Facelift Without Surgery: The 3 Best Techniques

Get a Facelift Without Surgery: How to Look like You’ve Had Cosmetic Surgery without Going under the Knife

Think it’s impossible to get a facelift without surgery? Think again. Modern technology in cosmetic dermatology has developed beauty miracles, and although some seem too good to be true, it is possible to find one that really works! Surgical facelifts are risky and expensive, but thankfully, they’re not necessary to look younger and more beautiful. Plastic surgeons may not want you to know the truth about noninvasive facelifts, but you deserve to know. If you’re looking for a facelift without surgery, here are the secrets to success!

Option #1: Microcurrent Facelift

This non-surgical facelift procedure uses small electrical currents to stimulate the deep layers of the skin, triggering the production of collagen and elastin and increasing circulation, resulting in firmer, smoother skin. This facelift procedure also promotes the creation of amino acids which activates new cell growth, making you look younger and healthier. As an added benefit, using microcurrent facelift technology can keep you from going over your budget; a treatment usually costs less than a hundred dollars, just a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery. After just twelve treatments, you’ll look like you’ve had a full facelift without surgery, pain, or irritating side effects. After the first twelve treatments, you can return to your day spa or medical spa to receive touch-ups for long-lasting results.

Option #2: Facelift Creams

Believe it or not, you can now buy a facelift in a bottle. These anti-aging creams range in price from five to five hundred dollars and some even promise results after just one application! These creams include essential nutrients that your face needs to look smooth, healthy, and beautiful. By providing your face with the nutrition it needs, you will enhance your overall appearance—instant facelift without need for surgery!

‘Facelift Without Surgery’ Option #3: Facial Yoga

Afraid of the knife? A facelift without surgery is possible.

Did you know you could practice yoga for your face? It’s true and it really works! Yoga facial exercises can tone every part of your face, and face toning can make you look years younger. If you’re serious about starting a facial yoga program, you should include at least one facial exercise into your daily routine. Face exercises are simple, and you can tone your face anywhere without going to the gym! It can be as easy as opening your eyes wide and closing them again or lifting your brows repeatedly. You can choose the facial exercises that are best for you by customizing a facial yoga routine that targets the parts of your face you wish to enhance. Pretty soon, you’ll look like you’ve had a facelift without any surgery or expensive procedures. Other people will be dying to know your secret!

So, in case you had your doubts, the truth about noninvasive facelifts is that they really do work; it is possible to get a face lift without surgery and you’ll save time, money, and pain as well.  There are many facelift alternatives / facelift without surgery options that will help you look younger and more vibrant without ever going under the knife. Get your facelift without surgery today—you’ll be glad you did!

Proven Ways to Firm Your Face

Need face tightening techniques? We all will eventually. As you age, there’s no doubt that your skin will begin to sag a bit, but with the right face tightening techniques, you can prevent this cosmetic tragedy from happening to you, or minimize the effects if it already has.  Although the aging process can certainly take its toll, you don’t have to let it ruin your looks. There are many facial skin tightening options available that can leave your skin looking younger, smoother and more youthful than you ever thought possible.

Laser Skin Face Tightening Techniques

There are tons of face tightening techniques available online.

Laser skin tightening is a much less invasive face tightening procedure than plastic surgery and can produce amazing results. Using a special laser procedure, a trained technician will heat and stimulate the deep layers of your skin, stimulating the collagen and making the skin on your face contract.  You’ll be able to see immediate results, and as an added benefit, your skin will continue tightening months after the laser procedure. Although men and women of all ages and skin types are eligible for the procedure, the laser skin tightening candidates who see the best results are those between the ages of thirty and sixty who report moderate skin sagging. This is one of many face tightening techniques available in some day spas and medical clinics.

Facial Masks

Need a mommy makeover, or just looking for an alternative route to facial self improvement? A less expensive and completely noninvasive alternative to laser skin tightening is the use of facial masks. This face tightening technique involves the use of a mask made of cream or cloth that contains anti-aging elements. Some facial masks include lotions infused with vitamins, herbs, or minerals proven to firm and smooth the face. A newer type of facial mask gaining growing popularity contains magnets that when applied to the skin, improve circulation, resulting in healthier, younger-looking skin.  If you’re feeling creative or looking for more economical face tightening techniques, you can make your very own skin cream as well!

Face Tightening Exercises

One of the most convenient ways to tighten your face is by exercising it! The great thing about face tightening exercises is that you can do them at home, at work, or even while driving (preferably at the red light). There are specific face tightening exercises designed to firm every part of your face. For instance, opening your mouth as wide as you can and holding the position for ten seconds can reduce the loose skin around your cheeks, preventing those dreaded jowls. Blinking your eyes while pulling them back at the pressure points on your temples effectively reduces the crow’s feet and other wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes.
For best results, you can combine these face tightening techniques to create your very own, nonsurgical cosmetic dermatology regimen without the risks or expenses associated with plastic surgery.  In just weeks, you can have a more youthful appearance and an increased self-esteem. These face tightening techniques are so easy, you can start reversing the signs of aging right now!

Choose Your Face Lift Exercise!

Picking a Facial Workout that’s Right for You

Is there such a thing as a face lift exercise? Yes! There are many facial exercise programs out there that promise amazing results, and while it’s true that these techniques really do work, it’s important to choose the right face lift exercise that will target your specific problem area and guarantee the outcome you desire. It is a gradual process, but with the right face lift exercise regimen, you’ll look like you’ve had a facelift without surgery! Here are some facial exercises to consider:

Face Lift Exercise for Eyes

Your eyes are one of the first things people notice about you. Anytime you have a conversation with someone, they are looking at your eyes. Therefore, the appearance of your eyes has a big impact on your overall presentation. If your eyes look tired and droopy, then so will you. Here are a few tips to making your eyes look vibrant and beautiful.

•    Look around. While it’s true that we do this all day every day, there’s a specific way to look around that can help you tone the muscles in your eyes to prevent droopy eyelids and brighten the overall appearance of your eyes. From a sitting position, look all the way up as far as you can without moving your head, now look down. Then repeat this face lift exercise looking from left to right. Do ten repetitions.  Now, perform this technique again with your eyes closed.

•    Act surprised. Yep, that’s right—raise your eyebrows. Start by sitting in a comfortable chair. Raise your eyebrows as far as you can, as if they’re reaching for the top of your head. Relax, and repeat up to ten times. You can do this same face lift exercise with your eyes closed as well.

Face Lift Exercise for Jowls

Jowls never look good. Thankfully, there is a face lift exercise for this.

Some call it the bulldog syndrome—you know, the sagging skin that starts to droop from your cheeks and frames your face, giving you an unsavory pooch-like appearance. Although it’s a natural part of aging, it’s certainly not a desirable one. Lucky for you, there are some easy face lift exercises to prevent ugly jowls from forming or minimize them if they already have.

•    Turn heads. Well, your own anyway. Start from a sitting position and turn your head all the way to the right until you feel your jaw muscles stretching. Hold the position while you count to ten, and relax. Repeat this exercise for the left side.

•    Kiss the sky. Or at least, try to. While sitting up straight in a comfortable chair, tilt your head back, and look toward the sky or ceiling. Pucker your lips and protrude them forward without moving your head as if you’re trying to kiss the sky. Hold the pucker for five seconds, and relax your body.  Repeat ten times.

Facial Exercises for Wrinkles

While it’s true that we’ll all have wrinkles one day if we’re lucky enough to see our golden years, we can at least slow down the process. As long as you feel young, you should look the part.  If anti-aging cream hasn’t worked for you, or you don’t want to spend money on expensive treatments, try these completely free techniques. All facial exercises will improve circulation, thereby toning the skin and making it appear firmer, but you will want to target the area where you’re seeing the most wrinkles.
Here’s a face exercise or two to help you smooth out your skin.

•   Practice your vowels. While sitting in a natural posture, say each vowel sound while opening your mouth as wide as you can and using your lips to enunciate each letter. This face lift exercise will firm the skin around your mouth and smooth out those fine lines.

•    Blink it out. Place two fingers on either side of your eyes near the temples of your head. Pull back slightly and then blink several times. Relax and repeat up to ten times. This face lift exercise will target the crow’s feet and other wrinkles around your eyes that are typically some of the first ones a woman notices.
Use this guide to face exercise to customize your own do-it-yourself facelift. Then, stick to the plan and do each exercise several times a day. In no time, your face lift exercise program will deliver real results!

Flex Your Face with Double Chin Exercises

Simple Ways to Workout Your Face

Double Chin Exercises Help Get Rid of This Look.

If you’re looking for double chin exercises, then you’re probably tired of carrying around that extra layer or two of flab under your chin. Want to get rid of a chin roll without the risks and costs associated with plastic surgery? Do not dismay; there are some simple, natural, and gadget-free ways to firm your face.  Although the ultimate way to lose facial fat is to lose body fat, if you’ve heard enough diet tips and still haven’t lost the weight, consider doing some easy and effective double chin exercises to tone and slim your face. Double chin exercises are the best non-surgical method of getting that slender face you’ve always dreamed about—the one that can take pounds off of your overall appearance, making you look thinner, healthier, and more beautiful. Facial exercises targeting the chin can literally lift a sagging countenance and self-esteem. Perform these exercises daily, and you’ll be ready to face the world in no time:

Double Chin Exercises Tip #1: Keep Your Chin Up!

Your mother may have been on to something after all when she instructed you to sit up straight. Believe it or not, good posture can help prevent and minimize a double chin. When your keep your head up straight, the muscles in your neck have to work harder and therefore, they become stronger and leaner. Conversely, if you let your head hang or slouch, the muscles become weaker and fat starts to accumulate. A good regimen of double chin exercises starts with proper posture.

Double Chin ExercisesTip #2 – Flex Your Platysma

If you’re serious about starting a routine of double chin exercises, then you need to get acquainted with your platysma. The platysma is the muscle in the face that moves the mouth and jaw. The more you work this muscle, the more fat you will eliminate from your chin. There are a few simple and effective methods you can use to strengthen the platysma.

o    The Alligator- Open your mouth wide as if you were about to devour your prey. Hold it open and count to ten.  Now, snap it shut to seal the deal. Do this double chin exercise in sets of five or more throughout the day, and you’ll be on your way to reducing facial fat in no time.

o    The Lizard- Hold your head up straight. Open your mouth wide as if you were about to do the Alligator, but then instead of closing it, stick your tongue out as far as it will go. Feel your chin muscles stretching. Hold this pose for ten seconds and relax. Repeat this double chin exercise at least five times everyday, preferably while alone!

Double Chin Exercises Tip #2 – Stretch Your Neck

o    The Ostrich- Stand in a comfortable position, holding your head up naturally. Then, stretch your neck forward at a slight angle, pushing it as far away from your body as possible without straining. Count to ten and relax. Repeat this double chin exercise several times daily to prevent or reduce a spare chin.

o    The Bird- From a natural sitting or standing position, tilt your head back and look straight up toward the sky as if you were about to take flight. Count to ten, and bring your head back down to a comfortable position. Repeat often every day.

Even if you’re a few pounds overweight and can’t seem to slim down your physique, you don’t have to go around with a dreaded double chin. You can begin your double chin exercises facial toning regimen today. After a few weeks of doing your double chin exercises (and acting like a wild animal), the results staring back at you in the mirror will make you wish you had started this routine months ago!