Facial Muscle Exercises

Top Five Facial Muscle Exercises

Get the Most Out of Your Facial Exercise Regimen

Facial muscle exercises can give you a chiseled face.

Facial muscle exercises can give you a chiseled face.

Looking for facial muscle exercises? If you’re hoping to slow down the signs of aging or lose face fat, then you understand that the face is what makes or breaks the first impression people get from us. The good news is that you don’t need special equipment for facial exercises or a home gym to tone your face, but you do need a very effective face exercise program. Start yours today with these five top facial muscle exercises guaranteed to shape and enhance the face you see in the mirror every day.

Top Five Facial Muscle Exercises

1.    Neck Exercises

Neck exercises get the top spot for facial muscle exercises because this is the area where most people first start to notice the signs of aging, especially women. For many people, their age is a secret that the face and neck begin to slowly reveal, but with the right neck exercises, you can reverse this process. To improve the condition of your muscles in the neck, find a comfortable chair and simply tilt your head back as far as possible without stretching. Hold the contraction for a moment, feeling the tension and resistance, and then return to your normal posture. Strive for 50 repetitions a day to regain a youthful looking neck.

2.    Double Chin Facial Muscle Exercises

No matter how attractive the rest of your features are, a spare chin can ruin your appearance, so if you have one, double chin exercises are priority. To get rid of a double chin, tilt your head down until you feel the muscles stretching in the back of your neck. Hold the contraction for a second or two and then pull your head up and all the way back until you feel some tension in the front of your neck. Hold for a moment and return to a normal posture.

3.    Eye and Brow Facial Muscle Exercises

Eye and brow exercises are important because the eyes are one of the first features people notice. To smooth out crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes and other wrinkles in the skin around the eyes, you need to contract your orbicularis oris, a group of muscles responsible for the opening and closing of the eyelids. To tone this muscle, start with your eyes closed and relaxed, place your index fingers on the side of your head around the temple area, pull back slightly and then blink your eyes rapidly. Strive to do this exercise for ten minutes daily for a wrinkle free forehead and eye area.

4.    Cheek Facial Muscle Exercises

To lose face fat and define your cheekbones, you’ll need to work the muscles in your cheeks. There are several ways to do this, but one of the most effective is to breathe in some air and hold it in your mouth as if you were a puffer fish. Move the air from your left to right cheek, applying as much pressure as you can. Do 50 repetitions.

5.    Jaw Facial Muscle Exercises

To achieve that perfect jawline, you need to contract your platysma, the muscle that opens and closes the mouth. To firm this muscle, open your mouth as wide as possible, hold the pose, and close. Repeat this exercise five times. Now, with your mouth closed, try moving only your lower jaw from left to right. These two facial muscle exercises go hand in hand to tone the jaw and give your profile the definition it desires.

Knowing a little bit about your facial anatomy and which facial muscle exercises are most effective can jumpstart your facial exercise program. These five facial muscle exercises will tone your whole face and get you on your way to improving both your looks and your confidence!

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