Facial Toning Exercises

Five Fabulous Facial Toning Exercises

Firm Your Face Fast!

Want a quick nonsurgical facelift with facial toning exercises alone? Want to know how to lose face fat, how to get rid of a double chin, or simply want to see how face toning can transform your appearance? Try these five facial toning exercises for facial fitness to see how face toning can lift your sagging skin—and self-esteem.

5 Facial Toning Exercises

1.    The Puffer Fish

Breathe in, fill your mouth with air and move the air bubbles around in your mouth, focusing on the left to right motion.  Use your lips and surrounding muscles to force as much air into the cheeks as possible. This face-firming movement will tone your cheek muscles and sculpt your jawline. Repeat for 50 repetitions, and perform several sets per day for the best results.

2.    The Tongue Touch

Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth, tilt your head back and hold for six counts. Return to a normal posture, relax and repeat two more times. You should feel the muscles in the front of your neck contracting. Practicing this facial toning exercises for ten minutes a day can reduce sagging skin around the neck area, one of the first telltale signs of aging.

3.    Eyebrow Lifts

Raise the eyebrows while your eyes are tightly closed. Hold the pose momentarily and then relax. This exercise works the orbicularis oris, the group of muscles around your eyes. Practicing it several times daily can smooth out crow’s feet as well as wrinkles over the brow and around the forehead. In just ten minutes a day, you can have a wrinkle-free countenance to be proud of.

4.    Nose Press

Facial toning exercises can instantly make you look young and fresh.

Facial toning exercises can instantly make you look young and fresh.

To reduce those under eye bags, place the middle fingertip of each hand directly under each eye. Place the index finger on either side of your nose and lift your nose up as if you’ve sniffed something odious. Press down with your fingers to provide some resistance. Relax and repeat several times per day. This facial toning exercise works your quadratus labii, the muscle beginning under the eyes and stretching down the side of the nose.

5.    The Chin Up

One of the very best double chin exercises, this motion will reduce sagging jowls as well. To start, lie on your bed while looking at the ceiling, lean your head over the side, letting it hang down naturally. Then, pull your head up as if you were trying to touch your chin to your chest. Keep the rest of your body very still while practicing this facial toning exercise.

Practice these facial toning exercises daily and you’ll see a brand new you without ever going over your budget or under the knife. Facial toning the natural way is a safe, fast, economical alternative to cosmetic surgery and what’s best is that face exercises work! A facial yoga routine will take just half an hour a day and the benefits are long-lasting. Include these quick facial toning exercises in your busy schedule today—you won’t regret it!

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